An introduction to Tinea Faciei and the itch they bring.

You look in the mirror and all you see is an ugly creature, others and even you are disgusted at the reflection. Reddish pustules and scales are scattered all over your face as if the god of hideousness bestowed you with his own gift. Aside from the ugly appearance, the extreme itchiness and burning sensation makes it all the more uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this is no punishment from the gods because of your sins, but a fungal infection called tinea faciei.

This occurrence is actually not “uncommon,” so do not think that you are alone. Surprisingly, many people all over the world are experiencing this kind of fungal infection especially in tropical regions where the temperature is high and the air is humid. So do not lock yourself up and do something; find out what is tinea faciei and find ways to treat this kind of fungal infection.

Now the question is what is tinea faciei? This disease is an infection that only affects the glabrous skin of your face. However, children and female patients may experience the spread of infection on the upper lip and chin or anywhere on the surface of your face. For most men, infection appears on the bearded areas; this condition is known as tinea barbae.

Another fact that one must know about tinea faciei is its mode of infection. How does this fungus able to spread easily? The answer is simple, people with pets or cattle infected with zoophilic dermatophytes or ringworms can infect their owners. You can also acquire this disease from other people aside from animals. This is especially true in many suburban areas as people live their in proximity than those in the rural areas.

Face fungus or tinea faciei is evident when you have a scaly and reddish face with additions of pustules. In this condition, the pustules would look inflamed and filled with pus. It is also encouraged to have yourself checked by a doctor if you have these symptoms as it can infect others through direct contact.

Use Anti-fungus gel, cream or lotions to treat face fungus; however, it is advisable to have a doctor prescribe a treatment after it is confirmed that the infection is caused by a fungus. You might be resistant to some treatment so it is good to know what kind of fungi have infected you.

Other people who experience face fungus are not serious, however it is extremely uncomfortable because of the itching and burning sensation when touched. The good news for people whose tinea faciei is not serious is that they can easily treat their infection with anti-fungal creams available over-the-counter to ease the discomfort.

Tinea Faciei is preventable so it is good to follow preventive measures to avoid infection. First on the list is to wash frequently especially for people who show signs of having the infection. Second, never share personal items such as make up applicators, sponges and towels. These measures should be followed even if you live in the same house. Remember, it pays to be more careful.