The cause, cure and prevention methods for skin fungus white spots

Itch, rushes and bumps on circular patterns are symptoms that are often associated with skin fungus. White spots on the other hand, are often neglected and left alone. Yet did you know that there is a skin fungus variant that is primarily characterized by white spots and patches on the skin. This fungal infection is called tinea versicolor. Yet contrary to the popular belief about fungi, this one is not contagious.

Such skin infection is a result of Pityrosporum ovale, a natural-occurring yeast on everyone’s skin. As this starts to rapidly multiply and spread, it forms colonies which rest on the outermost layer of the skin. The yeast then kills cells which gives the skin color. This answers why there are white spots left. Little is known about this disorder and up to now, doctors are still unsure of the reasons why it the yeast activates on only a minimal portion of the population.

The skin fungus white spots caused by tinea versicolor may varies from person to person. The spots usually appear when a person is exposed to the sun often, especially when tanning. It is here when one will notice why certain areas just refuse to turn brown even though the ones surrounding it already are almost burnt. For those who are not tanning, the spots may appear as rosy red and or pink in color.

The ones who are likely to acquire this fungal infection are those who are in middle climate areas. Temperate environments have always been a breeding ground for fungi. The humidity in the area creates a haven to breed for these microscopic organisms. This also holds true for those people that sweat excessively. They are more likely to have this infection than the ones who are not.

When ignored, the skin fungus white spots, together with the yeast, will propagate. Once they start to do so, they will hinder our bodies’ organs and their functions. The yeast will most likely affect the liver first. You wouldn’t want a liver failure would you? Of course, it should go without saying that the white spots on the skin are just too embarrassing. You should seek treatment if you have hopes of wearing that 2 piece again.

The most common cure for skin fungus is, of course, an anti-fungal cream. Direct application of these creams will kill the roots of the fungi and stop it from ever coming back. Other alternative cures which claims had been credited to, are anti-dandruff shampoo. According to doctors, it is yet to be proven but rinsing the body with the shampoo for a number of days, reduces the number of spots.

Doctors also suggests that people who are suffering from this kind of infection, refrain from doing activities that will make them sweat a lot during the course of the treatment for the tinea versicolor. The treatment with anti-fungal creams may take 3 days to about a week. After that, you can go back to your normal routine and maybe loose a few pounds to for you to finally wear that daring bathing suit.