Scabies in Humans and How To Treat Them
Most of the time, when we hear about scabies, we think that only dogs and cats could get affected with it. A lot of us don’t know anything about scabies in humans. Read on to know about it in full detail, how a person gets it and different ways to treat it.

Scabies is a skin infection caused by parasites and is considered as highly transmittable. It’s very different from the ones found in cats and dogs, mostly affecting those with very weak immune system. Treatment should never be delayed because it could lead to impetigo which is a skin disease known to be very contagious. The main cause of this infection is the sarcoptes scabiei mite which is a very tiny eight-legged creature which can’t be seen by any person’s naked eyes.

Symptoms usually start showing after about 4-6 weeks after the mites have settled themselves on their human host where the person affected could also spread the disease to somebody else during this period. If a person has scabies, the main and most common symptom is intense itching which increases and gets worse during night time. Red, S-shaped bumps and marks can be observed resulting from the mites’ burrowing on the skin. The mites can be found anywhere on the human body, but they usually settle on the shoulders, knees, inner elbows, the wrists’ inside part, armpits, waist and between fingers.

The main cause for the spread of scabies is the prolonged skin contact with the person infected. It doesn’t just take place just through a quick hug or handshake but through human contact like sexual intimacy or holding hands. There’s a heavy chance for a non-infected person to getting infected if he shares clothes or shares the same bed with the one infected. The spread of this skin infection is also rampant in very crowded places where skin-to-skin contact always takes place.


For the successful treatment of scabies, the mites must be killed. There are a lot of lotions for anti-scabies available in the market which can be used, like Lindane and sulphur. It is very important to consult your doctor first before using any form of lotion so that you will be guided accordingly regarding proper application. It’s very important to thoroughly wash and clean the body well before applying the lotion.

Since there are no particular home remedies for scabies in humans, observing proper hygiene is always the best option. Using hot water in washing the bedding and clothes of the person infected could help stop the spread as well as its re-infection. It’s better for you to avoid staying in public areas where skin contact can’t be avoided if you’re suffering from this skin infection. If proper treatment and care is observed, then you can easily cure scabies within just a few days.