Ringworm treatment for humans is actually quite easy. There will be different steps that you can take for this ringworm that may be affecting you. Certain creams and even some choices of anti-fungal pills that you will be able to use are great ringworm treatment for humans. With getting your treatment done in a timely manner you will be able to cut down on your recovery time.

What exactly is ringworm for humans? It is skin infection that you may get from fungus that will sometimes invade your body. Causing the pain that you will feel and itchiness that goes along with ringworm. Ringworm is also known by the circular pattern that will form from the rash. However, other complications like eczema may cause the same circlular rash. Furthermore, sometimes ringworm may not show circles, but actually be disformed areas of infection.

It may affect different parts of the body, including the following:



Arms and Legs


Remember there are different ringworm treatment for humans for each of these areas.

One thing many people want to know is can you spread these ringworm in humans to another person? Yes it is actually something that you will be able to spread to other people, so getting it taken care of quickly is highly suggested. Try not to make any contact with another person if you have ringworm, including using objects that you have used.

Those treatments that you can get are either some medicine that you will be able to take orally, or creams that you will apply to the area that is infected. Using these twice a day and for about two weeks should have the problem completely gone. Again it is advised that you seek out treatment quickly to cut down on the time that it will take you to recover fully.

Even some herbal remedies can be found to fight off ringworms. You can use oregano oil to provide some comfort and help with the problem. Normally it will be about two drops of that oil to see some good results in about seven total days.

Another herbal option you have for ringworm in humans is garlic. You will be using about three slices of garlic and rubbing that on your skin. You should do this about four times a day and you will be able to see some quick clearing of the problem.

Even the use of apple cider vinegar can sometimes help with ringworm and humans getting rid of it. You need to soak a cloth in the vinegar and apply it to the spot where the ringworm is a problem. Keep it on there for about 15 minutes each day until you see that the problem is gone.

There are plenty of other herbal ideas that you can use on the ringworm that may be causing you the problem. However, we would recommend using the medicated products.