Ringworm Photos

Welcome to the picture section where you will find great ringworm photos. Click on the ringworm photos to view a larger picture.

Ringworm infectionHere is a picture of an unfortunate man with numerous ringworm infections on his arm, chest, and trunk. Here you can see the flat, circular infection, that is spreading outwards. Notice the redness of the infection and the chapping of the skin.
Here is a close-up of an ringworm infection on the arm. This individual caught the fungal infection by petting a stray cat. It is important to remember that many infections come from animals. In fact, in the past the majority of infections came from animals like sheep and cattle. Now a days, there are many more infections that are spread from person to person in addition to those from animals.
Here is a ringworm photo of a fungal infection on the foot. Take a look at the characteristic blistering and shedding of skin. This individual should start treatment as soon as possible. If the infection gets into his nails then it would be a lot harder to get out. Fungal infections on the foot is also called Athlete’s foot. This is because athlete’s usually sweat a lot and produce heat around their feet area. This creates the optimal environment for fungus to grow.
Ringworm photos of feet are very common. Here is a picture of a plantar fungal infection. As you can see the parasites are feeding on the dead skin formed on the calluses at the bottom of the foot. Although this infection is on exposed skin, it is harder to remove than like those on arms and trunk. This is because the foot heavily used by humans to walk, and fungus can be protected by the layers of skin.
Ringworm photos in nails always have a characteristic color. As you can see there is a distinct yellow-orange discoloration on the toenail. Nails can also turn blueish in some cases. People often neglect their toe nails, which then lead to infections. For nails, getting the right vitamins will help strengthen the nails which makes it harder for an infection to get in. It is a lot more common to get a fungal infection on toe nails than finger nails. However, infections still occur on hands so it is important to take good care of your hands as well.