Knowing the symptoms and stopping a ringworm infection.

You are horrified at the sight of round spots spreading on the surface of your skin. You cannot believe this is happening to you, ignoring the itchiness was a big mistake. As you ask your brother, what are those things spreading, again you were horrified with his answer. You were disgusted with the thought of having a ringworm infection and wondered when she ever touched any worm.

Many people mistake ringworm infection is caused by worm when actually it is not. This is an early belief that this kind of infection was caused by such annelids nevertheless the name ringworm stuck. Ringworms are actually fungal infection affecting the outer layer of the skin, producing round spots although others are not.

On the other hand, not all round spots are ringworms, so it is best to have a physical examination on the affected area. Doctors usually evaluate the condition by scraping the skin and study it under the microscope. They usually culture the samples to diagnose the infection properly. It is essential that the infection is properly diagnosed as a ringworm infection to give appropriate treatment.

Ringworms are caused by dermatophytes that live on the dead layer of the skin. They feed on keratin, the protein material found in our hair, skin and nails. However, ringworms rarely invade deep inside the body, as they cannot thrive on mucous membranes. You can acquire this from other people but animals can also be infected and direct contact with them can lead to a transfer. In some cases, you could also get this from the soil.

If ringworms are indeed transferred to you, it will take 10-14 days before the first symptoms appear. After that, it’s just a nasty itchy feeling that won’t stop until the flesh has been torn open. And even after you bleed, ringworms will still continue to propagate and the ringworm infection will just spread until it covers most of your body. This will leave you with awful scars and may hinder your work if left untreated. Surely you don’t want that.

There simple measures which one can easily do to prevent ringworms from ever occurring. One of these is avoiding sharing personal belongings, such clothes, combs and hair brushes and towel. Also, public areas like the cafeteria, school locker rooms and gyms, should always be cleaned. Various individuals are using them so they must be sanitized. Taking a bath after you’ve been exposed to these areas is another good thing to do.

Prevention is always better than cure. Yet, even the most cautious individuals can still be infected by just one unlucky stroke of faith. So if you wake up one morning and find spots which are constantly spreading and leaving bald areas in your body, you must not delay and find a good antifungal cream which will certainly stop the ringworm infection. Daily application of the cream is needed to secure that this annoying infection is treated.