Ringworms are very contagious and no, it is not worm like everybody thought it is. It is not due to any worms or insect, but a fungus that can affect any humans and animals or any surface that meets it. It does not also have any lasting immunity. Any person could be infected all over again with the same fungus type, so it is important to look for ringworm cures. Ignoring the signs and symptoms will definitely worsen your condition.

Ringworms are fungi called dermatophytes that thrive in a damp condition. It could affect any part of your body so as long as it is moist. Dermatophytes also feed on keratin, a protein material present in our skin, hair and nails. That is why there are bigger chances of getting ringworms on your feet especially when you wear your socks and shoes, on your fingers, skin, and scalp, or even inside your toenails and fingernails.

Skin ringworms looks like red rings that are flaky at the side of the rings; these rings gives out a burning sensation and a very itchy feeling. It is important that an infected person should not scratch the affected area, as it will cause the spread of ringworm infection. To soothe the itchiness, prevent further spreading and totally cure the ringworm infection, there are ringworm cures available in the market.

However, one does not instantly buy any ringworm treatments; you have to consult a dermatologist to know which treatment is best and effective. This is done as treatments depends on the area affected and applying or taking medicine on the wrong area will not help you and it could actually make the infection worse. If the infection is mild, you can try recipes for homemade treatment, but exercise caution in using such remedies.

Most doctors would prescribe antifungal creams or ointments such as Miconazole as ringworm cures. These over the counter creams are effective in clearing the infection; it usually takes two weeks for the ringworms to subside. However, if the infection is already severe, oral medicines are prescribed. Oral medicines are more effective as the treatment goes directly into your blood and the results can be felt in a few days.

Ringworm is a very irritating disease, so it is best to prevent having one. Keep yourself clean and start having a good hygiene by washing your hands regularly. Do not share personal items such as your comb or hairbrush. Hats and clothes that could meet areas that can possibly be infected must not be shared either. For pets that have signs of ringworm infection, take it right away to the veterinarian.

Ringworm cures are readily available at your local drugstore, but prevention is still better than cure. The spread of this infection can be possible especially in communal settings such as schools and institutions. You could be at risk for an outbreak, so better be careful and remember not to be exposed to any infected people.