Answering the question, how to cure ringworm.

Ringworm infections had been rampant since the 1900’s and even until now; they still continue to be an itch to a lot of people’s lives. Seeing how bothersome and how this plagues spreads, there were a lot of studies done on how to cure ringworm. Bizarre things and other common household chemicals you wouldn’t expect have been utilized in attempts to treat and stop it. Some were quite effective; others brought more harm than good. ]

Tea tree oil

A lot of claims on curing ringworms were associated with tea tree oil. It is believed to have originated in China and has been around for quite a while now. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular remedies for ringworm infections. Yet despite this popular notion, tea tree oil is yet to be proven to kill the fungi that serve as the roots of the ringworm infections.


People, who have condemned conventional medicine or just don’t know any better, tend to seek alternatives which in some cases, delivers them a more potent disease rather than answering the question of how to cure ringworm infection. This much is true with the use of bleach. Yes, it effectively kills fungi and just anything but the downside is that it can cause cancer and severe allergic reactions.


Sulphur is another popular chemical that people associate with treating ringworm. In most cases, applying sulphur to an infected skin will help the itch subside. The basis on which people based this concept is the addition of sulphur to anti-dandruff shampoos which halts the spread of ringworm. One thing though, sulphur content in the shampoos are regulated for when not, it can be corrosive and will cause blindness when in contact with the eyes.

Nail Polish
There is an article over the internet which said that if you take a nail polish, apply if directly to the infection and leave it resting over the ringworm for a day, the ringworm will disappear. Needless to say, this sounds bizarre and has absolutely no medical basis whatsoever. Taking on this kind of blunt approach to treating ring worm might cause severe allergic reaction. Innovative? Maybe. An answer on how to cure ringworm? No.

Weighing the risk and the gain on these alternative (some are rather unheard of) treatments, it’s totally not worth it. Why go the distance of having to try out these chemicals when they can cause serious harm. This is not a laughing matter. Most people are thinking that they’ve discovered a cure when in fact they cutting their lives in half by exposing themselves in these hazards.

Rather than having these alternatives, why not buy an anti-fungal cream? They only cost a few bucks and they are proven to work. And if you’re too lazy to go out, why not order it online? Don’t deprive yourself of proper medication.