Fungus on skin is one of the most unsightly things that a person can see on you. For you, it’s one of the most irritating and annoying things that you can have. This makes it a double-whammy that no one wants to have. If you don’t have it, you’re probably wondering if it’s that bad. While you know that it does look unsightly, you don’t really know how it feels to have one. You should consider yourself lucky.

It’s important to know what it is because that’s going to help you avoid it. If you see skin that is flaky and reddish, there’s a great chance that it’s fungus on skin. Sometimes, it looks like a simple allergy or irritation. It starts with the organisms that are already present on our skin. But if conditions arise like a weakened immune system, the fungus will take over your skin.

There are several types of skin fungus. The most common is the athlete’s foot. It’s very common because the environment that it thrives in is very common as well. You probably wear shoes most of the day and that’s perfect for it because it thrives in a warm and damp environment. This is also why it’s very rampant in locker rooms where it’s damp and warm.

Another common fungus on skin is the jock itch. Just like the athlete’s foot, you’ll get an itchy and burning sensation on the affected area. The main difference is the affected area is the groin. There’s also yeast infection wherein the yeast on your skin becomes hyperactive. It usually affects the groin area as well together with other creased areas like the armpits.

Of course, there’s the widely notorious ringworm. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not really caused by ringworms. It’s also caused by a fungus. It’s highly contagious so there are a lot of cases and ringworm cures. This fungus on skin is also considered as the most unsightly. To make matters worse, it grows bigger and can actually show up on a lot of areas.

It’s been said that prevention is better than cure and that also applies to skin fungus. The first thing you can do is to avoid sharing clothes with other people. If you’re in a damp and warm area like a locker room, wear your own slippers and don’t walk barefoot. Also, make sure that you’re in an area with proper air circulation.

Sweating also produces a great environment for them. So if you sweat a lot, changing clothes at once is a good idea. This is important if you’re working out. To avoid fungus on skin like jock itch, shower and chance clothes at once. It’s also important that you don’t wear damp clothing. This is especially true with socks. In addition, don’t put on socks while your feet are still wet.

As for treatment, there are a lot of good antifungal skin creams that you can use. Although you can’t really expect for results to show at once, constant application can lessen the symptoms until they eventually clear out. Depending on what you have, you can expect them to clear out in 1-4 weeks, sometimes even more. Just make sure to follow the directions.

Fungus on skin is annoying and irritating but it’s nothing that a good antifungal skin cream can fix. There are a lot of types but with good hygiene, you can avoid having them in the first place. Personal hygiene is the key in order to avoid having and spreading them.